• Flight Centre Southland

    FLIGHT CENTRE SOUTHLAND Referral Scheme - Contact: Brenna Jones Asst. Mngr.
    Members must mention Cheltenham Swim Club when making a booking and our club will receive a 1% rebate towards our fundraising campaign

    How does it work?

    • We will pay your organisation 1% of the total amount of any bookings made by customers referred to Flight Centre Southland
    • Your members, friends or associates simply show a flyer or quote your name when booking.
    • Travel rewards/incentive will be paid quarterly to your organisation by girt card or store credit, cheque or direct deposit into your organizations bank account
    • This scheme is only applicable to bookings made at Flight Centre Southland
    • Amount of travel rewards is uncapped, so there are no limits to the amount your organisation can receive.

    Why do we market this way?

    Southland Flight Centre would prefer to spend its advertising dollars with local community organisations. We believe that by offering you incentive based financial support, each of us can be confident that our work together will result in mutual benefits. Your earning potential under this scheme is uncapped, so there are no limits to the amount your organisation can earn.

    Maintaining your privacy

    For privacy reasons, we are not permitted to release the names of customers with the amounts paid without permission, but we will provide a rundown of bookings made with each quarterly payment (with names inserted where permission has been granted).

    Great value and pricing

    Importantly, 1% incentive paid to you is not an additional charge to your members. Customers booking travel under the scheme are still entitled to the benefit of our “Lowest Airfare Guarantee”.

  • UpUnlimited Moorabbin

    Get Your Up On! by supporting our Community Partner UpUnlimited:

    At UpUnlimited climbing is open to anyone, any age, any ability.

    Our newest venue brings you more climbing, new challenges and even higher walls. Forget your standard climbing walls… we’ve brought all the fun of Clip N Climb Richmond, plus MORE to Moorabbin. You can still race your mates on the SPEED WALLS… or for a completely different experience pit your skills against the newest climb - ASTROBALL.

    See how many ways you can get serious about fun. And if you dare? Take on Australia's highest Vertical Drop Slide.

    Every climb is equipped with the Trublue autobelay making it safe and easy to climb free of a belay buddy.

    Had enough? Made it to the top? Want to go up again? Just jump off, glide down, and start your next climb.
    And, for safety's sake - children 12 years and under require their harness to be checked by an adult before each climb.

    Bookings essential